Monday, 18 September 2017

Furniture Stores NZ Helps You To Get New Look For Your Home

Furniture stores NZ offers a wide range of all the latest designs and in all the traditional favorites in furniture. Specialists in high-quality import furniture, we furniture stores have been providing kiwis with premium furniture at affordable prices for well over a decade. We mostly ensure that the stock is enough of the finest furniture available around the world. And also we make sure about the dealings directly with the manufacturers, cutting out any additional costs to the distributors or wholesalers so that we are allowing us to offer our products at reasonable costs.

Either you want to revitalize your home with a brand new style or are simply looking for a new addition to the layout. Furniture stores NZ are the best in stocking a wide assortment of styles and designs of such assets. You can find all types of designs which may suit your tastes and preferences. We are independent and owned. We offer a range of finance options and a home delivery service.

Furniture Stores NZ

All the products imported by us must tick four boxes. Those are regarding durability, comfort, function, and design. So when you choose a lounge suite from us, you can kick back and relax knowing that you have invested in a lounge suite, so that it will be garnering compliments from visitors for a long run.

Our policies:

Store policy: All payments are done in either on prior to the date of delivery, or when it is comfortable.

Delivery policy: We can normally organize the delivery within three days of the order date. Any item is damaged in freight will be replaced or a mutual agreement will be determined.

Return policy: In the event of any item is faulty, we will be very happy to replace it or refund. Or if the defect is minor, we may ask you to take the furniture back for the replacement. We will not offer a refund if you simply change your mind to other option.

Payment options:

- Bank deposit directly into our account
- Online transfer available
- Cash in store
- Cash on delivery
- Lay-by (deposit payment as per month)


It is accepted that all furniture sold in New Zealand to consumers must be guaranteed under the act of consumers guarantees act. This covers against faulty workmanship and materials. It almost covers whether the product is fit or not for the purpose it was intended.


- 5 years warranty on frame and foam lounge suite including cushion materials.
- 1 year on the Upholstery fabrics which may be damageable such as seam slippage, fraying and dye transfers
- 3 years warranty on upholstery leather fabrics.
- 1 year on each wooden, glass, mechanical, metal, barstools, dining tables etc..,

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Give Your Home A Stylish Look With Cheap Beds In Auckland NZ

Sometimes prices of the furniture at stores seem so high that only billionaires can afford them. Hence, you start your search for inexpensive contemporary furniture. The affordable and cheap option is to buy items from local designers and manufacturers which is Making it the most efficient method for getting inexpensive contemporary furniture. Just think about it. Transporting large items that have to be delivered in perfect condition is quite costly and adds to the end price.

Sales offer inexpensive contemporary furniture, but the big question is how to spot the best sales that offer the most attractive pieces at the lowest prices. Closeout sales, clearance sales and floor sample sales give you the highest chance of finding superb deals and Cheap Beds Auckland NZ has. These take place when stores clear their inventory.

Cheap Beds Auckland NZ

Inventory clearance typically occurs twice a year - in midsummer and at the end of the year. In general, these are considered the "low seasons" for furniture so you are bound to find great bargains. If you want to find inexpensive outdoor items, you should certainly try the end of summer and early autumn.

Price killer furniture is the lowest price retailer of furniture. Locally made beds which you can order online or walk-in in the store and experience the deals. There are certain furniture stores considerably dropped the prices and introduced the affordable and cheap bed options in their range.

If you have love for furniture, then many stores have an awesome variety of furniture which includes Cheap Beds Auckland NZ, twin bed, day bed, table, benches, and mirror. You will get furniture in all shapes and sizes so that you can make the best choice to decorate your room and home. Luxurious furniture is very much in fashion and it also adds beauty to your home. These are the important things to make your home look complete and beautiful.

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Tips To Find The Right Furniture Stores NZ

Furniture is an integral part of our home as well as our office. In fact furniture gives a personality to your space. A living room with recliners and bean bags says “Bachelors”, while elegant Wood carved furniture in the living room says “Graceful”. Your home speaks loads about your personality.

So, choosing the right furniture for your home as well as your office is quite a necessity. How do you find the right furniture for yourself? Online furniture shopping is gaining a lot of popularity these days. Yeah, you might not be sure about buying your furniture from online furniture stores NZ. After all, you need to see and touch the furniture. before buying it. Or you may not be convinced about the quality as well as safety.

furniture stores NZ

But, whether you want to buck your furniture online or not, the internet would still help you to find out the right furniture stores NZ for you. Even if you prefer physical furniture shops, internet will help you to locate them and compare and contrast them. Here are a few tips that will help you in searching for the right cheap furniture Auckland has.

1. Type “furniture stores NZ” in your search and get the results instantly.

2. Go through the websites of these shops. Note the address and other contact details.

3. Go through their catalogs. See the variety of furniture they have.

4. Check out their prices.

5. Shortlist a few Furniture Shops that you liked.

6. Now compare their furniture, prices and quality.

furniture shops Auckland7. Check out their customer reviews by typing “furniture shops Auckland” Reviews on your search.

8. Always go to authentic and reputed review websites to be sure that the reviews are not fake.

9. After comparing, ratings, reviews and prices, go for a second round of shortlisting.

10. Now you might be left with some 4 or 5 furniture shops Auckland, contact them or visit their store personally.

11. Also make sure to check for any vouchers or offers on their website.

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Durable And Comfy Bedroom Furniture Auckland

Bedroom furniture Auckland enables their customers to transform their bedrooms into a place of retreat and comfort. They believe in the idea that the bedroom should be the place where one can relax in tranquility and comfort after a day of hard work and travel in the extreme climatic conditions.

They offer and provide an elaborate and extensive array of bedroom furniture ranging from headboards, beds, table dressers and chairs, bedroom lounges, armories, chest of drawers, night lamp tables with drawers attached, Upholstered panel headboards, etc.

Bedroom furniture Auckland

Bedroom furniture Auckland provides the complete bedroom set in order to transform one’s place into a haven of comfort. The bedroom furniture that they provide is made up of the best of woods. Their bedroom furniture are long lasting and durable. They also provide top rated bed stands, bed frames, bedroom benches, daybeds, jewellery armories, mattresses, vanity sets, etc.

They provide and lay emphasis on the ultimate comfort of their customers. They believe that the bedrooms should be a haven to rest after a long day’s work. Not only are their bedroom furniture comfortable and cozy, but also they ensure that they provide a modern, sophisticated and enchanting appearance to one’s bedroom.

Bedroom furniture Auckland
Bedroom furniture, Auckland enables their customer to travel to the land of their dreams in comfort, style, and true elegance. All this comes at a reasonable price and affordability. They ensure that their customers’ comfort, lifestyle and health is given the topmost priority. Their bedroom furniture come in plain designs and self colors and they also come in intrinsic and intriguing designs and multiple exotic colors. They service their customers with great passion and zeal.

They ensure that the bedrooms are impressive, elegant, roomy, spacious, and having that classic chic look. One can be rest assured that the bedroom furniture that they provide are sturdy and long lasting. They provide only the best and top quality beds for their customers. Their bedroom furniture is shipped free of cost.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Things To Consider Before You Go To A Furniture Stores NZ

Furniture shopping is something you don’t do much often. It’s not like buying clothes or shoes. You buy furniture only if your old furniture is broken or you are moving your home or your old furniture has become out-dated now. And when you buy new furniture, you expect it to last for a couple of years.

Since furniture shopping is quite a rare occasion, it needs preparation. It is nothing like visiting to an apparel store and buying whatever appeals to your eye. Furniture shopping is quite an expensive affair too. So, be prepared.

Furniture Stores NZ

Following are the things you should consider before searching for Furniture Stores Auckland NZ.

  • Budget
The very first thing to consider is how much can you spend on your furniture. This is the most important decision that you should consider before searching for Furniture Stores NZ. The budget allocated to furniture shopping will be a major factor in deciding all other factors. Also, always try to stick to your budget. Don’t get tempted to overspend.

  • Traditional v/s Contemporary Furniture
After budget, you need to zero down on a style of furniture. What kind of furniture do you want for your house? Would you like the traditional, classic furniture or you want to go for something modern, funky or contemporary. The style of furniture you choose should complement the interiors of your home. Deciding beforehand the style of furniture can help you find out the right type of Furniture Stores in Auckland.

  • Custom made or Ready-made Furniture
Furniture Stores Auckland NZ
Your budget as well as your taste will play an important role in deciding on this factor. If you want to have something different and personalized in your home, you can go for custom made furniture. But you need to remember that it is going to be costly and time consuming. The best part, though, is that you can decide about almost every aspect of the furniture, the design, the material, style, everything.

But, if your budget does not allow or you don’t have that much time, you can go for ready-made furniture too. Ready-made furniture is the furniture that has been already manufactured and is ready to be bought.

Once you have considered all the above factors, you are ready to go furniture shopping. Do an online search about “Furniture Stores NZ”. You can also type in your requirements like custom made furniture or contemporary furniture to get accurate results without wasting much time.